The world is vast and full of wonder.  This might seem obvious to some people but for most of my life the world felt small and dark, a place where I had to work hard to carve out a small corner and curl into it if I wanted to survive.   As I began to come-to (thanks to energy healing, body based therapies, spiritual healing and many teachers and healers) it was like I had stepped out of a dingy cold sub-basement and slowly entered a blinding beautiful light.  Moreover, no sooner did I think I embraced the full of extent of it I discovered and still have days where I discover a new place or angle and a deeper incredible-ness of being.

I spent the better part of 12 years extricating myself from the dark small places. These days moments of grace spring upon me beautiful and unexpected. They can come while watching a music video on youtube, after a fresh snow drapes the Vermont rolling hills, enjoying a belly laugh with friends, looking eye to eye with a dog, or receiving words of reassurance from my guides.  Because even though living has more ease it is not without challenge.  I often cry, grace is a sweet sorrow reminding me of the beauty, imperfection, and fleetingness of living.


Life has morphed from a waking nightmare into “this.” The is-ness.  It is not all bliss but there is a freedom I never knew before, as if I quite literally stepped out of a basement corner and am stretching and spreading my arms for the first time.  Life is an adventure. I went to Egypt, India and Sri Lanka last year!  Something I had not even dared to dream of for so long the dream no longer existed.  Life keeps unfolding, a wonderment.  If someone like me was able to open this door then I know anyone can.  Imagine if the whole world began to open this door!

If this door is calling to you step into whatever resonates with you, to whatever teacher, healer or practice speaks to your heart. The answers are waiting patiently, eagerly, shining brightly knowing fully that you will discover them when the time is right. As one of my teachers suggested: dream big.  I will add, dream whatever good-healing-positive-dreams you have inside of you knowing that your thoughts and dreams will pave the road ahead of you.