Akashic Records Readings

What are the Akashic Records?

According to many religious traditions the Akashic Records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future believed to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. Linda Howe my teacher describes the Records as a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey.

In the Bible the Akashic Records are called the Book of Life and the Old Testament mentions a collection of knowledge written on the fabric of reality. In Buddhism the records are held in what is called the Akasha and in Islamic theology the Records are called the The Preserved Tablet (al-Lawhu ‘l-Mahfuz). In Hinduism the diety Brahma is lord of the akasha. There is also evidence The Records were accessed by ancient people of various cultures, including the Indians, Moors, Tibetans, Bonpo and other peoples of the Himalaya, Egyptians, Persians, Chaldeans, Greeks, Chinese, Hebrews, Christians, Druids and Mayans. Nostradamus claimed to have gained access to the Akasha using methods derived from the Greek oracles, Christian and Sufi mysticism and the Kabbalah.

Why access The Records?

To receive guidance, healing, and insight on your path in this life and your soul’s journey through many lifetimes.

How it Works

Prepare three to five questions. These questions can be about anything relevant to you at this moment in time. The best questions will begin with what, why, and how. Avoid yes or no questions or ones that start with “when.”

I access The Records using the Pathway Prayer Process, as taught by Linda Howe and usually spend about 50-60 minutes for each reading.

Feel free to ask questions during the reading and consider it like having a conversation with The Records. For example, after you have received the answer to your question you are welcome to ask for clarifications, such as asking for the answer to be stated from a different perspective or explain a certain challenge that you would like addressed in more detail.

The number of questions we get to depends on how long the answers to each question.

I am in a semi altered state channelling The Records. We need to be on the phone (via Facebook, whatsapp or Skype) or in person for the reading. I can provide a recording of the reading or you are welcome to make one. If you would like a recording provided please send me your email address. If you don’t wish to have a recording I strongly suggest taking notes.

My Experience

I started accessing the records in the summer of 2019 after many years of doing spirit guides readings for myself and others as well as sharing a number of healing modalities. I have found the Records to have very high vibrational energy, unique to the Records. Simply being in the records can be healing and when combined with a reading is very special indeed. I am excited to share the power and healing of The Records with others.

I welcome feedback of any kind on your experience.

Thank you for choosing to explore The Akashic Records!

The Pulpit Rock
Hindu deity Brahma, overseers of the records of souls


What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing that treats the whole person including the body, emotions, mind and spirit leaving a person more relaxed and with great feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki can be effective for all kinds of health challenges – physical, emotional , spiritual. Reiki means cosmic or universal life force in Japanese.

What is a Reiki session like?

A person is usually laying down or sitting in a chair when receiving the energy healing of reiki. The practitioner lays their hands either directly on the body or just above it. Reiki can also be transmitted long distances, this is called a remote or distance treatment.

Reiki can also be sent to help in many situations

The healing energy of reiki can help to resolve conflicts, improve relationships and to attract desirable outcomes.

Reiki is a safe complement to Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and all other forms of healing.

For people or animals who are dying, the healing energy of reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, fear, and anxiety, and to ease the transition to death.

Reiki a not associated with any religion

There is no belief system attached to reiki. The only prerequisite is the desire to be healed and/or to share energy healing with others.

Tong Ren

Tong Ren can help to heal all kinds of conditions including cancer, auto immune disorders such as Lyme or Fibromyalgia, injuries, heart problems, stress, grief, depression, hormone balance, and weight loss to name just a few!

How does Tong Ren help with so many health concerns?

Tong Ren focuses on removing blockages in the physical and energy body, when they are cleared the body can restore balance and heal itself.

What is it like to experience Tong Ren?

The most common experience is relaxation; most people leave feeling calm, refreshed and experiencing less pain or discomfort. Additionally, during a session people may feel hot, tingling, and/or a sensation of energy moving to different places in the body. Some people fall asleep. Occasionally a person feels nothing at all during the session only to realize the effect later.

Tong Ren Doll and Hammer
Why I am offering Tong Ren:

The first time I went to a Tong Ren class I felt like I received an enormous infusion of oxygen in my lungs. After a lifetime of chronic asthma that at times was barely under control with multiple medications and inhalers, this was like a miracle to me. Suffice to say I was sold and continued to attend Tong Ren classes for a variety of health concerns – physical and emotional, eventually becoming a practitioner myself.

Is everyone healed from Tong Ren?

Some people experience immediate and full cessation of illness/symptoms from only one session. Amazing but true. Others reach a full recovery after several or many sessions. Some people feel better, have less symptoms and need less or no other treatment or medication, but may continue to experience some symptoms. A small number of people seem to not respond to Tong Ren. Tom Tam and others continue to research and try new approaches so that all people can have positive healing outcomes.

What is Tong Ren?

The Tong Ren Healing system was created by Tom Tam through intense studies and clinical practice. Tong Ren integrates the western understanding of anatomy, physiology and diagnosis with the energetic aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tong ren restores health and vitality by removing blockages of the natural flow of chi, neural bioelectricity, blood or hormones. A small human anatomical model, or doll is used to represent people (and animals) on which the practitioner taps on targeted points with a lightweight magnetic hammer. Each issue or ailment has a combination of points that through trial and error and understanding of anatomy, physiology and energy meridians has proven to be effective for that issue or ailment.

Some people benefit from hands-on treatments in addition to the doll and tapping. I offer Tuina massage in the Tong Ren style.

I am a Certified Tong Ren Practitioner and also offer Tuina massage in the Tong Ren style.
For more information: Tongrenstation.com
Offering Tong Ren to a horse friend with digestion problems

Going Inside: Body Focused Practices

What it is:

​The body is a microcosm of the entire world and universe.
The answers and guidance you need are right there in your body! The body can show you what is causing problems affecting physical body, spirit and mind. It is a microcosm and mirror, intimately connected to the all. At times, through the body, truths about society and beyond may be revealed. This is soul level healing.

How it helps:
  • Release and heal health issues including emotional, physical, and pain-related conditions
  • Explore relationship challenges
  • Raise your energy to connect with spirit in all
  • Ground to mother earth
  • Transmute dense energies
  • Sensing what is in your body, mind, and spirit and hence having more clarity and freedom
  • Experiencing the consciousness in the body, such as the organs, aura, memories
  • Understanding energetic attachments and releasing them
I teach this is two phases:
  • The first practice is a softening meditation and very easy to learn. After some practice with this you can learn the second phase
  • The second practice is more dynamic and utilizes many different techniques
How I teach it:

We will sit together, in person, via video or phone call. I will guide you on the practice, hold the space and we will check in periodically.. In the second phare if you are learning I will support and guide you in the that process. The second practice involves many different practices which are best taught over time. With practice you will be able to do it on your own and become your own healer. 🙂


I will create for you a specially formulated combination using these lines:

Bach Flower Remedies

Perlandra Essences

Alaskan Flower and Gem Elixir Essences

Flower Essence Society

Mt Shasta Flower Essences

What are flower essences?

Flower essence therapy is vibrational medicine that embodies the distinct imprint, or energetic pattern within living organisms such as plants, gemstones and crystals, water, sunlight, and even the foods we eat. Flower essences are often prepared by placing the blossoms of plants or crystals in a sun infused bowl of water over; after some hours the mixture is further diluted, potentized, and preserved with brandy or vinegar.

What can Flower Essences help with?

Flower essences treat the underlying emotional causes of diseases; a few essences directly treat physical ailments. They can also help us to open spiritually and to tune into our highest calling. Flower essences help to repair negative electrical patterns and emotional imbalances in people and animals.

How does it work?

Decide what you would like to work on. We talk or you email me. Then I intuitively pick essences that are right for you, usually 4-8 essences. I put the mixture in a 1 ounce bottle and fill the rest of it with pure water and some brandy to keep them fresh. That is all there is to it!

I will provide you with description of each of the essences in your bottle and how many drops per day you need to take. You can also add drops to your water bottle or drinking glass and sip from it throughout the day.

Why I am a fan of flower essences?

I started using flower essences 15 years ago when my sister, Dr. Debra Glasser, an internist in Oregon, added them to her integrative medicine practice. Debra provided me with specially formulated mixtures and I have used them on and off for years to help me get through life transitions and a variety of emotional, spiritual or physical challenges.

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

A tarot and oracle card reading is a way to receive insight and guidance from your spirit guides, angels and other benevolent beings and forces. These beings are always available and pleased to be of assistance.

The most common questions people ask relate to relationships, love, work/career, health and lifestyle.

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader. Trained by the angel communicator and author Doreen Virtue and her oracle card partner Rodney Valentine.

I offer multiple deck readings. Decks that are available for your reading:
Rider-Waite Tarot
Osho Zen Tarot
Angel Tarot
Archangel Oracle
Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle
Ascended Master Oracle
Life Purpose Oracle
Romance Angels Oracle
Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle

Three card one deck reading only $5!

Multiple deck reading $10

Shamanic journeying – Travel to the Spirit World

Times are changing. In the past only the medicine men and women would journey to the spirit world, the unseen realms where angels, devas (spirits of animals and plants), ascended masters, ancestors and your spirit guides and helpers are found. Travelling to the spirit world is a way to gain understanding, healing, forge alliances with benevolent beings, and receive guidance yourself, your community locally and afar, and the earth.
Today it is possible for anyone with a desire to do so to journey.

No special knowledge or training is necessary, only a desire to open to the process and see what you will find.

I lead journeys using a drum and rattles.

A person’s first journey is often focused on meeting their main spirit guide.

Journeying can be a very expanding experience as you get to know realms and beings who are here to work with you. Learning how the unseen realm can benefit you, your family and community can be an enriching, healing, and spiritual experience.

Animal Communication

We can have meaningful communications with our animals!

Animals communicate through telepathy. They communicate using words, pictures, feelings, thoughts, and/or emotions. Some animals are very talkative and easy to understand, others will communicate with pictures or feelings but not words.

Did you say telepathy?

As humans, we learn to rely on verbal communication and our telepathic skills are pushed aside and become rusty. Like a muscle, unless used regularly, these skills become weak and inefficient. Humans, given the proper mindset and training, have the ability to communicate telepathically with all species.

How does it work?

We can meet in person or send me a picture of your pet/animal looking into the camera. We can discuss what questions you would like answered in person, via email or by telephone.

Some Reasons Why People Use an Animal Communicator:
  • To get to know their animals likes and dislikes.
  • To find out the reason behind undesirable behavior.
  • To inquire about how their body feels, where they are sore. This can be used to assist your veterinarian. (Animal Communicators do not replace good Veterinary care).
  • To find out what their life purpose is.
  • To find out if they have a message for you.
  • To find out if they like their food, saddle, blanket, barn, kennel, sitter, trainer, showing…etc.
  • To find out if the horse/dog you want to buy enjoys the type of riding/competing/lifestyle you need.
  • Help finding a lost animal.
  • To find out if your animal is ready or needs help passing on.
Examples of Communications:

Example 1:

An owner’s two cats where fighting and he wanted to know why. I first talked to the female cat. I began by introducing myself to them both – I was there in person – and I could see both cats doing a double take to each other, saying “Did she just talk to us?!” 🙂 First I asked the female cat what the fighting was about. I didn’t know who was causing it. She used words and said she didn’t know why he was attacking her but she didn’t like it. I saw a picture of how the male cat was bothering her. Then I spoke to the male cat. He said he sometimes felt frustrated and he would act it out on her. I asked him why he became frustrated; and I felt that if he wasn’t getting enough pets and attention from his people. Animals, like people, are unique and have different needs. The female cat was getting her needs met, the male needed a little more attention.

Example 2:

The owner wanted to know how his dog could feel more secure and less nervous. I kept seeing a picture of the kitchen and then a dog bed there. This dog communicated through picture and sensations. He was saying that a bed in the center/ hearth of the house would help him feel more a member of the household. This dog could sleep anywhere – the bed, couches – but for some reason the kitchen was where he wanted to feel a part of things. In addition, he felt a bit adrift as a pet sitting around all day with nothing to do. As a smart working breed he needed a purpose, like a job.

Moving video on animal communication:
How leopard Diablo Became Spirit


Crystals are here to help! They are our rock friends

Also called the rock people, they can help with everything from physical and emotional health challenges to spiritual awakening and increased intuitive abilities.

Crystals love to be of assistance and I often use them when connecting with universal healing energy and the spirit realm. Often different crystals will pop into my mind when I am going on a shamanic drum journey, offering reiki, and/or doing an animal communication. This is their way of saying they want to help and will help support my intention and goals. Other times I will look at my collection and see which ones I feel drawn to and/or I choose some because of their particular purpose. For example rose quartz is great for soft loving support and emotional healing and black tourmaline is great for grounding, protection and clearing.

Drivers Seat Healing

Wouldn’t you like to learn practices that empower you for healing? That is what driver’s seat healing is about.

They help to unwrap the heavy layers that are accumulated on the road of life that can drag one down, sap vitality and lead to health challenges
In the process of removing these layers one literally becomes free
and feels greater peace and improved physical, emotional and spiritual health.

What I offer:
  • Learn the noticing/softening Meditation. Can be done sitting or walking. Extremely powerful practice
  • Thinking about thoughts: The power of thoughts and thought forms to create our lives
  • How to muscle test yourself and why it can help guide you
  • Ways to set intentions to manifest your dreams
  • The gift of suffering– what it means, how to cope
  • Developing your personal altar
  • Shamanic journey to the spirit world. Meet your guides and more. Shamanic journeying for healing.
  • Tong Ren – learn the basics to treat yourself!
  • Challenging pet behavior – What your dog/cat/other is here to teach you
  • How to communicate with animals
  • Guided self healing – going within and listening
  • Learn the Tai Chi Dao Yin – a routine by Chi Gong Master Tom Tam.
  • Learn practices for cleansing your aura and firming up your auric field. Especially useful for sensitives and empaths
  • Hand placements for easing of fear, anger, shame, more ease, love and being to your body.
  • Healthy eating for emotional and physical balance
  • What is inside is outside – looking at your physical space and/or clutter
  • Learn reiki 1 and 2
  • A supportive community! My goal is to provide avenues to connect with others on this healing path.

Free Stuff

Oneness Blessing

Oneness exists to set humanity totally and unconditionally free…

I offer oneness deeksha, also called oneness blessing. A oneness blessings takes between 1-3 minutes to give/receive. It is a transfer of powerful Divine energies that initiates a journey into higher states of consciousness. It is non-denominational and for people of all faiths and beliefs.

The blessing is believed to affect the different lobes of the physical brain, thereby reducing stress levels and intensifying the levels of love, joy and awareness. Millions across the globe testify to the calming of the mind, flowering of the heart, and awakening effects of the oneness deeksha, which is now gaining recognition as one of the easiest and most effective approaches to enriching human consciousness.

Why oneness?

Oneness is a spiritual organization founded by Sri Amma Bhagavan that seeks to alleviate human suffering at its roots by awakening humanity into oneness, wherein every individual feels connected to all that is. The central teaching of Oneness is that inner transformation and awakening into higher states of consciousness is not an outcome of a mere intellectual understanding but a neurobiological process in the brain, whereby one’s experience of life is redefined at its core. Oneness is about becoming a truly happy person and fully engaging in life.

I love offering oneness blessings! They can be offered in person or distant. I am happy to add them onto any other service at no extra cost.

Munay-Ki Rites

The rites of the Munay-Ki were brought to the West by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, distilled from his work as a medical anthropologist with the high shamans of the Amazon and Andes. “Munay” in Quechua means “love and will”, together with “ki”, from the Japanese word for energy, combine to give the meaning: energy of love.

“The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.”

– Alberto Villoldo, founder

The Munay-Ki is a modern form of transmitting the initiation empowerments of the Q’ero, and are based on the traditional initiation ceremonies of Q’ero shamans. They are always offered free of charge.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past-the karmic & genetic programs and beliefs you inherited. They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently.

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a period of great transformation, and foretell of a new human appearing on the planet – persons of wisdom and power who live free of fear and abide in their eternal nature, Homo luminous.


Rite One: Healer’s Rite

Connects you to a lineage of luminous healers from the past to assist you in your personal transformation, awakening the healing power so that everyone you touch is blessed. We access tremendous spiritual assistance; ancient healers who help heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors.

Rite Two: Bands of Power

Five energy belts are woven into your luminous energy field (LEF) for protection. They act as filters, breaking down any negative energies that come toward you into one of the five elements, earth, air, fire, water and light, feeding your LEF instead of allowing those energies to make you sick.

Rite Three: Harmony Rite

A transmission of the 7 Archetypes into the Chakras. First you receive the archetypes of serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle; next you receive three archangels: the Keeper of the Lower World (our unconscious), the Keeper of the Middle World (our waking world), and the Protector of the Upper World (our super-conscious).

Rite Four: Seer’s Rite

Pathways of light connect the visual cortex with the third eye and heart chakra. This awakens the inner seer and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit.

Rite Five: Daykeeper’s Rite

You connect to a lineage of master healers from ancient times. Daykeepers can call on ancient altars to heal and bring balance to the earth, and on the sun to rise each day, bringing us into harmony with mother Earth. This rite helps you begin to heal your inner feminine, step beyond fear, and practice peace.

Rite Six: Wisdomkeeper’s Rite

You connect to a lineage of luminous beings from the past and the future. This rite helps you to begin to heal your inner masculine, step outside of time, and taste infinity.

Rite Seven: Earthkeeper’s Rite

This rite connects you to the archangels that are guardians of our solar system, stewards of all life on Earth. It lifts you from your earth-bound existence and sets your spirit free to begin your journey to the stars -beginning with the sun, our local star- so you may dream your world into being.

Rite Eight: Starkeeper’s Rite

This rite helps your physical body to evolve into Homo Luminous; the aging process is slowed down, your DNA is re-informed, and you become more resistant to disease. You accept the seat around a holy fire at the center of the Sun, a place that has been held for you since the beginning of time.

Rite Nine: Creator Rite

As it awakens the Creator-light within, this rite brings stewardship for all creation -from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies. Once you discover that Spirit not only works through you but AS YOU, and all of creation is happening inside you, the stewardship then becomes natural.

The Rites can be offered one on one or to a group of people. Gather a few of your friends together and we’ll have a Rites ceremony!
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