Fees for Services
Why Donation Based

Charging for healing services is a two-sided coin.

On one hand I believe folks who strongly desire these services ought to have access no matter their financial situation. On the other hand, sometimes when people receive things for free they do not value the services in the way they need to be honored in order for the highest good to be achieved. For this reason I am offering my services for donations. In this way people who can afford to pay more can do so and people with less money or from countries with less strong currencies can still receive the blessings of healing and intuitive guidance. The only exception is Tuina massage in the Tong Ren style which I do for a sliding scale rate of $75-$90 for a 90 minute session; this is also the only service that must be done in person.

I realize some people prefer a set fee.  If you are such a person please contact me and I will be happy to send you a list of suggested rates for each service.  These rates are based on United States costs and you are welcome to use them as a loose guide.

Trade for services may also be possible. If you are interested in this option please contact me and let me know what service you can offer to me in exchange.  I am especially open to help with SEO, online marketing, and healing exchanges.

Donations can be paid on paypal, venmo, and cashapp.

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